Monthly Archives: October 2013

It’s been a long time…


Sometimes I wish I were the Dreamer I used to be, the writer with words flowing through my brain like a symphony at all hours of the night, every minute of the day. Somehow I lost all of that. I chalk it up to being the busy, working mother on a constant ride of homework, baths, housework, actual work, meal making, redundancy and being the chaos tamer. How many of us relate to that Pinterest Pin? “All these Moms are on Pinterest making their own soap and rainbow pasta, and I’m all like, I took a shower and kept the kids alive-GO ME!” I feel ya! I hear ya! Some days it is a blessing to get 5 minutes alone, let alone be able to go to the bathroom without little feet or hands poking under the door while yelling “Mom, Mom, Mooo-oom…” That’s where I lost it. Kids. It’s my own fault though because I know if I can juggle my time more productively, I can get my release, my “woosah-happy place.” I feel more complete when I write, more in tune with my surroundings and desires, most importantly, more in tune with myself- the Woman, the Human, the Goddess, the Lover…not the butt wiper, and nose blower. ¬†And lets face it, when Momma is happy, everyone is HAPPY! So here I begin my first attempt at blogging. My first attempt at trying to reconnect with that doe-eyed 20 year old that knew oh so much about everything in the world. Sometimes I miss her and her utter brazenness, sometimes I laugh at her naivety, but she was who formed the woman I am today, the Mother I am, and the future Wife that I will become. Here’s the to the beginning of a new journey, a journal of thoughts, conflicts, humor, memories and happiness. It feels good to be back.